This is one that I have been on for a while now. While this is not just a social media issue, it is what is being put out there for the people to implant into their minds.

Emails: I just checked my email to correspond with my insurance agency, and all the headlines are of what the celebrities of the world are currently doing.


If anybody could defend this and convince me that this in any way is good for the mind.. I encourage you to do so! The Lord says in 1 Timothy 5:13

“And besides they learn to be idle, wandering about from house to house, and not only idle but also gossips and busybodies, saying things which they ought not.”

 1 Timothy 5:13

What I believe that God is saying here is that people are becoming, or have become, lazy and obsessed with talking of others instead of USING THE GIFTS that God has given them. Instead of pursuing their purpose in life, they get caught up in the gossips and nonsense of the media.

The Lord also says in 1 Timothy 6:5

“useless wranglings of men of corrupt minds and destitute of the truth, who suppose that godliness in means of gain. From such, withdraw yourself.”

1 Timothy 6:5

Here, if you do not follow or have never sat to read the word of God, he is saying do not get tangled up in the uselessness of the false things that are put out there for your intake. He says more specifically not to use the Truth (God) as a gain, but to withdraw from anything of the such.

The good book is a MUCH better alternative to the ramblings of the media.

I will end this on this note: If you participate in social media, please remember that whatever you put out there is seen by the youth. If you do not see how the world is in shambles, look harder. Remember that YOU are a leader and you are here to set an example for the youth to come, just as the elders before us paved the path for all of us today. Please, set a good example. For many of us have children in the world that we love and want to be happy and pure.




What better thing to be, than yourself? Lead for better, and they shall follow for the better.


Thank you for reading,



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