An Evolving Idea

When I originally started this blog, I had full intentions of focusing it around the bible and music, and those two things alone.

Now that I have explored the blog world a little more in depth, I am beginning to see that personalization is important. I sit and say “music and God bring people together” but really, an open heart does. Yes kindness comes from God, but “God” is a scary word to a vast majority of the population.

I have a new vision. I would like to speak from my soul, a soul who strives every day to pursue her music and her relationship with God. I would like to share experiences I have, thoughts I would like other perspectives on, and stories. I love stories.

All this being said, I would also like to remind you (and myself) the sole purpose of this. The movement is important. Kindness is dying and that is sickening to me. We are ONE race. The HUMAN race. LOVE EACH OTHER!! Be there for each other!! Teach each other, and HELP each other.

From the bottom of my heart, I will say that I believe in you. I believe that in everybody, there is a light. There is goodness, kindness and a beautiful soul. Reach into yourself and find yours. 🙂 Share it with your brothers and sisters of earth!


Y’all keep doing what is right and I will see you all in the world. 🙂


Thank you for reading,



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